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Nawaya 6mm red


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starts at €2.08 per meter
1 m   €3.50 / m €3.50
5 m   €2.36 / m €11.80
8 m ≈ 1 rope €2.25 / m €18.00
25 m ≈ 3 ropes €2.13 / m €53.20
40 m ≈ 5 ropes €2.11 / m €84.30
60 m ≈ 7 ropes €2.10 / m €125.70
100 m full set €2.08 / m €208.50

Measuring and cutting large amounts of rope is a lot of work. Buying your untreated rope pre-cut is therefore cheaper.

Product attributes

Diameter Ø 6.0 mm
Color red
JBO free of JBO
Length 1.00 m
Material Jute
Tightness Medium

Product description

Nawaya is one of the oldest Japanese rope manufacturers. The rope is imported to Germany by ship, which is why the delivery time is about three to four months, should it not be in stock. The jute rope of the brand Nawaya is available in different ediameters and colors. It consists of three twisted strands and 8 yarns each. It is free of mineral oils (JBO) and therefore has no unpleasant smell. The rather tightly twisted rope is officially stated to be 6mm, but due to its strength it is more likely to be classified at 5.5mm. Over time, it becomes a little looser and then more like 6mm. Due to the strength it is particularly suitable for beginners, because the tension of the three strands do not differ so quickly and the rope therefore remains usable longer.


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