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Blog started

May 1, 2023We have started a small blog to post updates about upcoming or delayed products and other useful information. The first post is dedicated to a post EURIX update. After EURIX, we have made good progress in finishing all orders. Once they are finished, we have a few things on our todo list (not in a specific or priotized order):

  • Establish a gift-a-rope program. Not everyone in our community can afford ropes. Therefore we launch a program, where you can donate an amount of money that we match. In the end, you pay for the material, we do the work. We are not sure on how to give away these ropes. We are happy to hear your suggestions.
  • Update products We have received new products to add to the shop. One being candles by Nëya, the other one being Furoshiki by Musubi.
  • Update Knowledge We still need to update the knowledge pages, especially with the recent talks with Shadow from Antwerp.