Requirements and bodies are very different and so are the ropes that we tie with. Our kitmaker makes it possible to create a customized rope kit custom tailored to your needs.

1. Choose product
meter_jouyoku-5.5 Amatsunawa 6/0, 6mm (2023) *NEU*
€1.59 / m
meter_jouyoku-5.5 Amatsunawa 5/5, 5.5mm (2023) *NEW*
€1.59 / m
meter_jouyoku-5.5 Amatsunawa 5/0, 5mm (2023) *NEW*
€1.59 / m
meter_shoga-z50l Shoga Z50L
€1.68 / m
meter_clara-5mm Clara 5,0mm
€1.44 / m
meter_clara_6mm Clara 6mm
€1.67 / m
posh_6mm_beige_meter POSH 6mm (meterware)
€1.45 / m
meter_langman-posh-5mm_1m POSH 5mm (bulk)
€0.97 / m
meter_langman-posh-4mm POSH 4mm (meterware)
€0.73 / m
meter_langman-manila-6mm_1m Manila 6mm (Meter)
€0.60 / m
nawaya_6mm_red_meter Nawaya 6mm red
€1.97 / m
meter_nawaya-5.5mm Nawaya 5.5mm
€1.55 / m
meter_nawaya-jute-6.5mm Nawaya 6,5mm (6,0mm)
€1.55 / m
meter_nawaya-jute-6.8mm Nawaya 6,8mm (6,3mm)
€1.56 / m
meter_nawaya-6.5mm-mossgreen Nawaya 6.5mm mossgreen (bulk)
€1.97 / m
meter_ogawa-6mm Ogawa 6mm
€0.62 / m
meter_sammt-linen-6mm Linenhemp 6mm
€0.76 / m
meter_sammt-linenhemp-5.3mm_low Linenhemp 5.3mm
€0.69 / m
meter_sammt-linen-5mm Linenhemp 5.0mm
€0.64 / m
meter_sammt-linen-5.8mm Leinenhanf 5.8mm
€0.74 / m
sammt_6mm_meter Sammt 6mm weich
€0.48 / m
sammt_6mm_meter Sammt 6mm tight
€0.48 / m
meter_sammt-jute-5mm-soft_1m Sammt 5mm soft
€0.44 / m
meter_sammt-jute-5mm-hard_1m Sammt 5mm hard
€0.44 / m
2. Choose length

The length is measured between the ends and is considered to be a minimum length. For ropes longer than 15 meters, please order bulk ropes.

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3. Choose end knots

Simple overhand knot

Parallel overhand knot
(+ €4.00 per rope)

Mosafir knot
(+ €6.00 per rope)

Crown knot
(+ €8.00 per rope)
4. Choose treatment


(+ €1.00 per rope)

Broken and singed

(+ €6.00 per rope)

Treated and conditioned with oil
(+ €10.50 per rope)

Treated and conditioned with wax
(+ €11.50 per rope)
  • Bulk ropes are directly cut from the spool. Defects may still be included.
  • Treated ropes are free from defects and will be cleaned and visually examined. In addition they are broken and singed.
  • Treated and conditioned ropes are ready to use and are either oiled (vegan, no bees wax) or waxed with our own rope treatment wax.
5. Choose optional dyeing

Dyeing is currently not available for the rope you have chosen. Starting later this year, we will offer custom dyeing of selected rope products.

6. Choose quantity ( per rope)
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