Treatment & Conditioning

Many methods have been developed to make rope useable for bondage.


Endknots should be made before processing, to make sure the rope have the exact length and the open ends are secured.

Mosafir ends

This video (German) shows you how to make the Mosafir end knots.

Breaking the rope fibres

Breaking rope is used to make the surface smoother and is therefore not required. Rope are usually either broken by hand using a ring or carabiner, or using a tumble dryer. Wet treatment, is usually not required, and not recommended by us.

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If breaking the rope is not sufficient for the smooth feel of your rope, you can singe the remaining fibers by running the rope through a flame.

Oil or wax?

Finally, we recommend to apply a little bit of oil or wax to increase friction. This reduces the damage to the rope - especially in the beginning.

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