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No matter if you are a private person, host a munch, own an online-shop or run a studio - we are here to help you. In any case, you can buy ropes from us for re-selling them, or just ordering a larger amount of ropes for your community! We are offering reduced prices for both untreated and treated ropes, when ordering larger amounts of ropes. Minimum amount of ropes depends on the product (mixing is possible) and treatment. For most of the products, a roll or spool contains between 200-220 meter (Clara, Sammt), 300m (Nawaya) and 650m (Ogawa) of raw, untreated rope. Buying at least one full spool is mandatory, but mixing is possible within the same manufacturer.


Buy a full spool of Nawaya 5.5mm jute rope of 300m at a reduced price (usually 10% less), when also buying them treated or pre-cut.

Save up to 20% on the treatment cost.


Please contact us directly at reseller@bondagerope.eu for an invididual offer.