Über BondageRope.EU

BondageRope.EU has been published in January 2023 with only a few weeks of work before. It has originated from the previous shop of Shoga, the owner and operator behind BondageRope.EU. The shop was always focused on selling affordeable rope and providing knowledge around bondage rope, materials and other useful information on shibari. These values are still at the bottom of BondageRope.EU: being transparent and sharing knowledge. To date (May 2023), no salary is sold to Shoga for his work. All the income is kept in the company to grow and build funds for the future (see more below).

The company behind BondageRope.EU, Shoga Shibari and also shibari.events is a simple one:

Holistio has been founded as a company to provide a safe space for the BDSM and Shibari community in Braunschweig and the local area around it. No such venue exists and I, Shoga, has decided to find and operate such a location. After numerous problems, I decided to focus on selling rope and sharing knowledge to other people. You can read more about the problems in this fetlife writing.

Due to the international interest in rope and bondage products, it was a natural decision to extend the shop to a bigger audience. It started with the guide, to give people a knowledge-based choice for their rope.